Yassine Boutaib / Mr.PopPo

Yassine Boutaib is Motion Director, UI/UX artist, and creative director at EA studios (DICE) with 12 years of experiences for a wide range of media such as TV idents, commercials, event projection mapping and Infographics.

He has remained passionately involved in giving back to the global design community by giving lectures and talks around the globe in countries such as Malaysia, South Korea, Morocco, Tanzania… to help the community stay motivated and live out their passion.

He also runs 'We Are Poppo' a free motion graphics tips and tutorial community as the name of Mr.Poppo. He develops a series of tutorials in an effort to help young artist and designers.

He spent his life since 2009 working for different studios and post production houses such as VFX camp and Flashlight Creative to develop his skills in compositing and particle driven simulations (Realflow, particular, fumefx)..

In 2012 he decided to join LIMKOKWING UNIVERSITY (Malaysia) as a Senior Motion graphics and VFX lecturer, to help young designers grow their skills and learn real post house techniques in solving critical challenges.

He decided in 2014 to leave his career as a lecturer to pursue his passion and hunger for knowledge as a freelancer travelling non stop around south east Asia (backpacking freelancer).

In 2015 he changes his whole career path by joining the talented folks in EA (DICE) as a senior UI/UX artist, Interaction Designer.

He joins forces in his spare time along with the talented Martin Vlas and Melissa Kumaresan to produce mind blowing concept projects in Behance. Rebranding world class clients such as LEAGUE OF LEGENDS, TWITCH and PIXAR.